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Bopet biaxial stretching film production line



Biaxial stretching line

What is a plastic film biaxial stretching line?

The film biaxial stretching production line mainly includes a bopet production line, a bopp production line, a bopa production line, a bopla production line, etc., which are extruded and cast through an extruder to form a sheet, and then stretched in both directions in the longitudinal and transverse directions, so called biaxial stretching. production line

When the longitudinal drawing machine and the horizontal drawing machine are under the action of external force, a certain multiple stretching is performed in the longitudinal direction and the transverse direction, so that the molecular chain or the crystal surface is oriented in an order parallel to the plane of the film, and then arranged in order, and then The heat setting is carried out under tension, the oriented macromolecular structure is fixed, and finally, the film can be obtained by cooling and subsequent treatment. Due to the orientation of the stretched molecules, the film has good physical stability, mechanical strength, air tightness, high transparency and gloss, and is tough and wear resistant.

Plastic films suitable for biaxial stretching production mainly include polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, polystyrene and polyimide films.

What are the uses of plastic film biaxial stretching lines?

The film biaxial stretching production line is mainly used for stretching pet, pp, pa, pla, cellulose and the like.

1. BOPET biaxial stretching production line: This production line is used for solar panel, liquid crystal display, heat sealing film, high resistance film, anti-ultraviolet radiation film, solar film, explosion-proof film, food packaging aluminized film and so on.

2, BOPP is used for printing, bag making, adhesive tape and compounding with other substrates, biscuits, sweets, candy, snacks, cigarettes and other packaging.

3. BOPS is used in positive pressure thermoforming machines to make plastic packaging products.

4, BOPA is used for freezing, cooking, vacuum packaging and so on.

5. BOPVA is used for ultra-thin films required for packaging such as cigarettes, printing, and daily necessities.

6, synthetic paper / stone paper: printing, writing, advertising and decoration; for consumables, such as garbage bags, shopping bags, food bags, compact bags, lunch boxes, foot gloves, tablecloths, raincoats, dust covers, etc.; Used in industrial packaging and other fields, such as fertilizer bags, cement bags, rice bags, clothing bags, all kinds of handbags, carton cartons, etc.; stone paper products have strong competitiveness, the market prospects are very promising.

Plastic film biaxial stretching production line equipment:

The manufacturing technology of the biaxial stretching line includes the design of feeding, extruder, melt line (including filtration, metering), die, casting, longitudinal drawing, cross drawing, thickness measurement, traction and winding.

Qingdao Ou Rui Taike Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Biaxial stretching production line equipment features:

has good mechanical properties, good rigidity and folding resistance;

has better gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor) barrier properties;

Good optical properties, good transparency, low haze and high gloss;

Wide temperature range;

Good electrical insulation performance;

odorless, tasteless, resistant to grease, resistant to general chemical corrosion

Qingdao Ou Rui Taike Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Biaxial stretching production line equipment features:

Drying, mixing, and conveying materials

Unlike traditional dehumidifying crystal dryers, Qingdao OuBiao Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. vacuum dryer uses the latest technology to dry materials in a high vacuum environment. Since the boiling point of water is much lower than usual under high vacuum conditions, the drying effect at this time is also the most efficient, and the energy consumption is much smaller than that of the conventional dryer.

Vacuum drying with ton bag open bag station and vacuum loading system

The vacuum material is specially designed to effectively remove the powder produced during the transportation process.

Feeding system: The material is conveyed directly to the extruder through a screw feeder after drying. The screw feeding is in a sealed state, and the multi-layer sealing ensures that the raw material does not contact the air after drying, preventing the water from being absorbed twice. Feeding through the level gauge, automatic feeding and feeding. The feeder is controlled by the central PLC and cooperates with the closed loop of the extruder, which can automatically change with the output of the extruder.

Parallel twin screw extruder

The screw and the barrel adopt the building block typestructure, which has good interchangeability and can be used in any combination according to the different material processing technology. With the rich experience and software advantages of the screw configuration research and design for many years, it can be realized efficiently according to the needs. Transportation plasticization, mixing and kneading, shear dispersion, homogenization, exhaust devolatilization, pressure extrusion and other functions; the cylinder is made of nitrided steel, bimetal, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, extended use Lifetime; threaded components are selected from nitrided steel and high-speed steel. The curve adopts computer-aided design and unique processing technology to ensure the normal tooth surface clearance of the thread working section and self-cleaning; specially designed connection method, The transmission device enhances the strength of the threaded component and the mandrel. The above measures achieve the purpose of uniform material dispersion, good mixing and plasticizing effect, short material residence time and high conveying efficiency.

Deceleration system: special gearbox for plastic machinery, [1] transmission parts are made of high-quality, ultra-high alloy carburizing steel, combined with carburizing, quenching and grinding process. The key parts are added with surface strengthening treatment, tooth surface strength HRC54- 62, core hardness HRC30-40, gear 6 grade, the system has high speed, high torque, low noise and so on.

Electronic control system: imported electrical components, control panel for man-machine interface, all parts of the device adopt "module" type control (can also be configured according to user requirements), multi-function module has clear structure and safety interlocking device (such as lubrication loss) Protection, head pressure protection, over-current protection, etc., truly reflect the operation of the equipment, accurate control, high sensitivity and easy operation.

Heating system: cast aluminum, cast copper, ceramic resistance heating device, uniform heating, fast heating, high temperature control accuracy.

Temperature control system: It adopts dual-channel temperature control meter, which is sensitive to reaction, convenient in temperature setting and adjustment, and high in temperature control precision.

Cooling system: It adopts two forms of water cooling, oil cooling and air cooling. The cooling is rapid, uniform and effective.

Vacuum system: Built-in vacuum system, the vacuum degree can reach -0.09Mpa., so as to ensure the material is fully plasticized and improve the product quality.

Casting machine

With back cold air system:

Linear guides can be moved up and down to ensure running accuracy

with electrostatic adsorption device

with online cleaning device

Longitudinal puller

Speed: low speed zone: 5~30m/min, accuracy: ± 0.02 m/min

High speed zone: 15~100m/min, accuracy: ± 0.02 m/min

Stretch point: single

Stretch rate: 1.0~4.0

Stretch gap: 210~240mm

Tensile force: max 40kN

Drive mode: all rollers are driven separately

Horizontal pull

Width of the jaw, inlet: 900~1500mm

Export: 3000~4500mm

Machine speed: 15~250m/min

Stretch rate: 2.0~4.5

Chain clamp: 5 bearings, maximum breaking strength 30kN, maximum tensile force of film 4kN chain: self-lubricating, chain design average load 30kN, maximum load 250kN area configuration:

Oven type: module

Temperature range: Preheating: 80~150°C

Stretch: 80~150°C

Heat setting 1:180~250°C

Heat setting 2:100~200°C

Cooling: 50~140°C

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